Journey towards the Digital Enterprise

ARC Advisor y Group's fifteenth India Forum for the process and discrete industries, titled Industr y in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise from July 6-7, 2017, Bangalore, India attrac ted close to 280 delegates.

Today, companies are digitizing business processes and exploiting the increasing convergence between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) on the plant floor. And these emerging business models allow manufacturers to collaborate more effectively. Intelligent connected products, along with network communications, software, and analytics now enable manufacturers to improve uptime and optimize operating per formance. The Digital Enterprise benefits from smarter products, new ser vice and operating models, new production techniques, and new approaches to design and sourcing. This two-day forum was structured to disseminate information and technology effectively and provide end users, solution providers and decision makers an oppor tunity to network and get an overall view of the market and its requirements.

The industrial world is getting increasingly connected as the volume, variety and velocity of information continue to accelerate. Information- driven companies are moving to a culture and business model where decisions are made based on analysis of plant data and business processes. Companies are equipped to adapt new technologies because connected enterprises are a reality today and early adopters have realized the benefits. The first step in this direction would cer tainly be to realize that the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is connecting, collaborating, and transforming how businesses are conducted globally.

As technologies keep on evolving it is essential to keep on upgrading in terms of knowledge and skillsets - both for Greenfield and brownfield projects. When you zero in on a par ticular strategy or technology it would be useful if you can find someone who has already implemented this successfully - thereby, validating your decision.

The well attended two-day forum made it clear that organizations must have a collaborative approach and adopt breakthrough technologies to enhance business per formance. Never before has there been such a deluge of information; but this information needs to be channelized and available at the right time for the required process/operation.

Andy Chatha, President, ARC Advisory Group

IoT, Cloud, Big Data, mobility, and analytics are creating a new industrial ecosystem and companies which integrate with agility will emerge sucessful.

The days of expensive trial and error are over; vir tualization has transformed the way businesses are conducted. Vir tual commissioning involves the creation of a vir tual model that represents an accurate and realistic 3D simulation of mechanical, electrical, and control systems to validate the physical functions of a production system prior to actual physical implementation.

The session topics were about moving towards the digital enterprise; automation trends and c ybersecurit y; evolving technology trends; and end user experiences on the digital journey. On both days there were two lively and thought provoking question and answer sessions with the speakers.

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