BASF launches Boron-Based Technology platform

Improves refiners' ability to increase profits with changing slates due to spot buying and variable quality crudes

Offers flexibility to refiners processing moderately contaminated feedstocks

BASF announced the commercial launch of BorotecTM, the newest evolution of its resid oil Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts portfolio. Borotec is the latest innovation using BASF's unique Boron-Based Technology (BBT) platform to provide mild- and moderate-resid feed FCC units more flexibility in crude selection, which results in increased yields of high-value products.

A successful commercial trial has verified the ability of Borotec to improve performance, leading to higher yields of valuable products and lower bottom-of-the-barrel yields compared to competitive technologies. The improved metals tolerance feature provided by Borotec allows improved crude flexibility for refiners that increasingly engage in spot buying to maximize profits. The catalyst was developed to offer refiners optimized operation and maximized margins.

"Globally, our Refining industry customers are facing an increasing number of FCC units that process contaminated feedstocks," said Jim Chirumbole, Vice President Refining Catalysts at BASF. “Borotec has shown excellent results using the unique chemistry of boron to provide improved performance. The product will help refineries worldwide to increase production of valuable hydrocarbons, and to be more successful."

"We are excited to see this next new product development from our innovative technology platform," said Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President Process Catalysts at BASF. "Borotec underscores BASF's commitment to continued innovation with the expansion of our BBT product line for the moderate-resid sector."

In 2016, BASF introduced BorocatTM to the market, the first FCC catalyst based on the BBT platform. Since then, Borocat has been successfully introduced in refineries all over the world. Borocat was designed for processing heavy resid feedstocks. Results have shown that refineries using Borocat can increase crude oil conversion while improving the sustainable utilization of a limited hydrocarbon resource.