ONGC India's Energy Anchor
Sudhir Vasudeva, CMD, ONGC

ONGC is the largest integrated petroleum company in India, operating along the entire hydrocarbon value chain. It has single-handedly scripted India's hydrocarbon success saga. The most valuable National Oil Company ONGC is the highest profit-making and highest dividend-paying enterprise. Truly, this Maharatna is the brightest jewel in the crown.

A Maharatna - The pride of India
In 1956, ONGC had a dream, as it embarked on an uncommon journey. Today, that vision has become an unstoppable force. It's a force you may not physically see, but one that you can feel in every waking moment, as it energises the lives of more than a billion Indians. A force that is ONGC.

In 1974, ONGC proudly marked India's place in the global energy arena with the discovery of the colossal Bombay High Oil Field in the Arabian Sea. Since then, there has been no looking back, and ONGC has gone ahead from strength to strength. A globally acclaimed energy major today, ONGC was the first Indian corporate to be listed in the For tune 500 'Most Admired Companies' and also the World's Number 3 Exploration & Production Company (Platts 2013).

Six out of the seven producing basins have been discovered by ONGC, making it the largest producer of oil and gas in the country, creating the highest value for its owners - over a billion Indians. With a market value of 2.5 trillion rupees, not only it is the most valuable National Oil Company, but also India's highest profit-making and highest dividendpaying enterprise. In other words, it is really a true Maharatna.

Expanding Horizons
While ONGC's relentless pursuit for new oil and gas reser ves continues in India, ONGC's wholly owned subsidiary ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) is in overdrive with ambitious plans to spot and acquire oil and gas opportunities overseas. For a decade now, OVL has strengthened its hydrocarbon foothold in diverse geologies with a balanced portfolio spread over 17 nations in four continents. 36 hydrocarbon properties with 11 producing assets across the globe worth USD 15 billion have established OVLís supremacy as Indiaís biggest energy multinational.

Harnessing Power of Value Chain Integration
ONGC has taken strategic steps towards value chain integration and reaped the dividends.

Pursuing the globally-established integrated business model of the petroleum industry, ONGC took up equity in the ailing Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited and created a transformation that resulted in the first vertically integrated oil enterprise with global reach. While a 726.6 MW gas based power plant set up at Palatana, Tripura by ONGC Tripura Power Company was dedicated to nation recently by the President of India, C2-C3, OPaL and Mangalore SEZ projects are also proceeding towards maturity. Moving ahead, ONGC has entered into LNG, petrochemicals, power to mark ONGC's presence in the entire hydrocarbon value-chain.

New Frontiers
As ONGC looks for new answers beyond the conventional for an energy-hungry world, ONGC is aggressively pursuing technology-intensive solutions to leverage the potential of new sources like Coal Bed Methane, Underground Coal Gasification and Shale Gas. After a successful commissioning of a 50 MW wind farm in Gujarat, ONGC is setting up another 102 MW wind farm in Rajasthan. Under the aegis of the ONGC Energy Centre, ONGC is also pursuing energy sources through solar thermal, uranium, hydrogen through thermochemical processes, geothermal power, kinetic hydropower, etc.

Towards National Energy Security-Perspective Plan 2030
Under the Perspective Plan 2030, ONGC plans to achieve:
  • Two-fold increase in oil and oil equivalent gas production
  • Three - fold revenue growth (and EBITDA)
  • Four - fold increase in market capitalisation
  • Five shaping moves
  • Six times international growth
Business Sustainability
Growth with sustainability is the driving philosophy for ONGC. This finds expression in its commitment to continually enhance the triple bottom line benchmarks of economic, environmental and social performance. ONGC has 11 registered 'Clean Development Mechanismí projects, a unique feat among Central Public Enterprises, which would fetch well over 1.8 million Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) in a year, for ten years. Two more CDM projects are under registration, which will significantly add to the portfolio of carbon credits, thus enhancing the sustainability approaches of ONGC carries towards the society.

At ONGC, sustainable growth drives not just business decisions but Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as well. ONGC's efforts are primarily focused on the protection of environment providing infrastructure support in operational areas, water management, women's empowerment, initiatives for physically and mentally challenged people, protection and preservation of our heritage, arts and culture, promotion of sports, entrepreneurship building and sponsorship of seminars, conferences, workshops, events, etc. ONGC also extends support to India's sportspersons to encourage sportsmanship in the country, and is proud to have on its rolls over 200 sportspersons including 15 Arjuna Awardees, one Khel Ratna and two Padmashrees.