Dow Chemical Displays its Offering Services and Solutions in Oil & Gas Industry

Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd (Dow India) Displays AMINE MANAGEMENTSM Program to reduce Sulphur and Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions at refineries; and Microbial Control Program to optimise conventional as well as unconventional oil and gas production. Excerpt

Dow India, a leading chemical and speciality chemical company, has showcased its service and solution offerings specific to the oil & gas industry at its Mumbai premises on July 20, 2016. Founded in 2008, Dow India's Oil & Gas Business segment has been involved in providing an extensive portfolio of solutions across the oil and gas sector: exploration & production, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Gas Processing, and Refining. Experts from Dow India explained the company's expertise and technology pertaining to exploration, transmission, refining and microbial control for the value chain of oil & gas industry.

While the changing market dynamic mandates refiners to mix their crude slate from heavy to sour to light, today's stricter environmental regulations for Sulphur and CO2 emissions also put substantial pressure on refineries to keep the Gross Refining Margins (GRM) in check.

With the Sulphur content of crude on the increase and tightening Sulphur content in fuels, refiners are being pushed to install additional Sulphur recovery capacity. At the same time, environmental regulatory agencies of country continue to propagate more stringent standards for Sulphur emission. With the recent announcement of Indian government regulations to upgrade fuels specs from EURO IV to EURO VI by 2020-21, refiners are looking to install new hydro -treaters to cater to the fuel specification of EURO VI grade within desired time line and also strive to improve on the environment emission norms.

The Dow India Oil & Gas team performs evaluation of existing amine systems of refiners, compare to over 1000+ worldwide references and provide solutions and design assistance for new units with the help of in-house rate-based simulation capability. This eventually allows the refiner to weigh various options, considering the additional capacity required to treat the H2S and sulphur compounds, by either avoiding or optimising capex requirements.

Dow India's AMINE MANAGEMENTSM Program, a comprehensive service program for the gas treating amine systems, helps to achieve environmental compliance while improving reliability, reducing energy costs and preserving the integrity of assets without adding any CAPEX to the Refinery.

This proactive approach to managing an amine system can enhance a Refinery's economics and performance by:
  • Reducing energy use
  • Increasing unit capacity
  • Restoring operational reliability
  • Reducing amine consumption
  • Reducing contaminants and corrosion
  • Maximising solvent life
Dow Oil & Gas provides customers with more than just products and services; it collaborates with them to improve amine plant performance and helps sustain performance gains over the long term. Dow Oil & Gas is represented by a team of experienced technical service engineers who:
  • Perform an initial survey of the amine system, including sample and data collection
  • Run computer simulations using real data collected from the amine unit
  • Customise a proposal to help optimise performance
  • Supervise the implementation of the proposed solutions
  • Provide training and start-up support
  • Periodically visit the site to review process data and provide optimisation recommendations
  • Provide on-call support
Dow Microbial Control to Protect Oil & Gas Operations
Microbes will grow anywhere where water can be found. In hydrocarbon production and processes, the large volume of associated water provides an environment in which bacteria will thrive. Their presence impacts the quality and quantity of production, asset integrity and the overall safety of operations.

Advanced stimulation techniques such as hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are more water-intensive processes that are susceptible to bacterial contamination, if not properly controlled with an advanced and comprehensive biocides treatment program. Left unchecked , the microbes will contribute to reservoir souring, corrosion of pipelines and equipment, and formation plugging.

Dow Microbial Control, a business unit of Dow India, provides the broadest range of microbial control solutions to the Upstream Oil & Gas industry. With unmatched combination of chemistries, delivery forms, technical expertise, reliability of supply, and regulatory excellence by leveraging global capabilities, Dow Microbial Control's advanced technologies offer cost-effective and exceptional control of microorganisms to protect the integrity of topside assets, near well area and in the reservoir, with low environmental impact and excellent safety profiles.

With a wealth of experience in developing effective biocides and bringing microbial control solutions to the oil and gas industry, Dow Microbial Control expertise is based on:
  • The broadest portfolio of biocides for advanced sustainable microbial control, including patented and unique formulations
  • Technical expertise and advanced testing methods
  • Industry expertise
  • World-class manufacturing capabilities